Stop the income tax hike, Illinois

No tax hike in Illinois


In 2011, Governor Pat Quinn, State Senator Frerichs and their Democrat colleagues approved the largest tax increase in Illinois history—a 67 percent increase! They promised us that the increase was just temporary in order pay off bills, fund education and help the state’s financial outlook.

Three years after the Quinn/Frerichs 67 percent income tax increase, incomes have shrunk, poverty rates are up, job opportunities are fewer, taxes are higher, but education funding is lower and our bills are still unpaid. In fact, last year alone, taxpayers paid over $318 million in late payment fees for our unpaid bills.

Now, just as the tax increase is set to expire, Democrats like Governor Quinn and State Senator Frerichs want to break their promise and make it permanent so they can spend more of our hard-earned dollars.

Please sign our petition to tell the Quinn/Frerichs team that you can’t afford to keep funding their spending addiction.